Wholesales EDC classic colorful spinner fidget toy for anti-anxiety fidget toys Focus ADHD Autism Finger Toy

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Wholesales EDC classic colorful spinner fidget toy for anti-anxiety fidget toys Focus ADHD Autism Finger Toy


  • Brand new Spinner Fidget Toy is good for the ones who like to find themselves fidgeting with things such as twirling pens or rolling coins over their knuckles. Allows those to fidget with something while not distracting others. 
  • It is great for kids exercising their hands or anyone with ADHD, Autism, want to Quitting Bad Habits. 
  • It is a Ideal toy for office environments
  • Guarantee 1 min+ Spin Time. Professional inline skate 608 bearing with Premium Ceramic balls. Great Toy For Fidgeters, Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake
  • LIKE ALL BEARINGS AND SPINNING FIDGET TOYS, it takes time spinning and breaking-in to achieve longer spinner times. The more you spin the toy, the longer it will last.
  • Use This Way:Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice,spinners can be spun using one hand only using the fingers of one hand to stop and start spinning

What is it?

A fidget spinner is considered to be a type of fidget toy; a low profile, handheld device that people can, well, fidget with without making a big scene. A fidget spinner has a stable middle and a disc with two or three paddles that can be spun, much like a ceiling fan. The result is supposed to be relaxing and satisfying, and really good spinners can keep going for minutes at a time.

The little devices were originally designed to help students with attention disorders like ADD -- expert say having something to occupy their hands may help improve concentration. However, the spinners caught on with the general population, and now come in every color and finish imaginable, with add-ons and doo-hickeys galore.

How does it help kids with ADHD?

Spinners might be new to the must-have toy aisle, but they've been a tool for teachers, guidance counselors and therapists for a while now.

"Promoting fidgeting is a common method for managing attention regulation," says Elaine Taylor-Klaus. Taylor-Klaus is the co-founder of ImpactADHD, a coaching service for children with attention disorders and their parents.

"For some people [with ADHD], there's a need for constant stimulation," she says. "What a fidget allows some people -- not all people -- with ADHD to do is to focus their attention on what they want to focus on, because there's sort of a background motion that's occupying that need."

If you've ever watched people tap pencils, twist pieces of paper or even doodle in meetings, you've seen the power of fidgeting in action.

"A doctor won't prescribe a fidget," Taylor-Klaus says, "but a psychologist could list it among the recommendations made at the end of an evaluation."

Diamond Fidget Spinner x 1 (Come with the black GIFT box some as the photo)

Latest Reviews

Kids loved it and they were the only ones who had this type

Mandi (22/05/2017)


Very good quality.it runs smoothly and stable.my son love it too.

Louis (23/06/2017)


quality very good. fast shipping~!~!

Louis (22/06/2017)


Great product, sturdy. My son loves his spinner!

Jessica (25/05/2017)


My son loves this. Thank you for the quick delivery

tat224 (26/05/2017)


I have many spinners,this is the best one,it runs 3min+,without any noise.

Eric (23/06/2017)


The pink one is very beautiful,love it very much.

Kate (23/06/2017)


This fidget spinner is cute and work good. I like it. My girl like to play with it.

Jasper (01/06/2017)


Great product,love and great working with you!!!

Patrick (24/06/2017)


good quality and fast delivery

Joe (22/06/2017)


Great product and accurate description. Seller highly recommended.

Saif (26/05/2017)


My son has a lot of nervous energy and asked me to purchase this item for him. He absolutely LOVES it! He's able to take it to school and says he actually concentrates better having it. It's a great product. Genius for whoever invented it.

Philip (24/05/2017)


Thank you so much,i received a such beautiful hand spinner,my girlfriend is so happy to see this one,i will back to order more

Allen (22/06/2017)


So beautiful, value for money

john (22/05/2017)


I bought the gold one,it looks very luxury.Most important,it runs smoothly too.

Javier (23/06/2017)


The fidget spinner is great, spins for a little over 3 minutes and works better than 20 dollar fidget spinners.

JoshuaC (27/05/2017)


Ручной вертел хорош, внешний вид супер. Продавец быстро отправил все.

Danila (24/06/2017)


This product is perfect and thanks for a great purchase.

Alex (20/06/2017)



Piyush (06/04/2017)


Super one no problem smooth,a precious gift for myself

Drennan (23/06/2017)


Корпус iPhone с углеродным волокном настолько хорош, мне это очень нравится, спасибо за ваш выбор

Datsun (26/06/2017)


COOOL,love it very much ~!~!

Truesupplier Customer (29/05/2017)


I like it.i play it during work and when I feel boring,make time pass faster.

Scott Adam (23/06/2017)

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